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Gorilly is a digital agency capable of every workload

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How we work

Gathering User Data

Gathering User Data

Every starting point of a project is information gathering, what makes a good project is quality information.

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Prototyping (Wireframes)

Prototyping (Wireframes)

Wireframes provied both parties a general sense of direction where the project is headed and can prevent unwanted mistakes.

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Pixel-perfect UI Design

Pixel-perfect UI Design

UI design phase depends on the previous two phases as the quality of the design is directly connected to the information on how the product is used.

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Development (Coding)

Development (Coding)

This is the time buckle down and write the maintanable and readable code that is a pleasure to work on and make changes to.

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We develop digital strategies, products, services and some other cool things

Gorilly Digital d.o.o.We make shit work

Certified professionals

Our employees are Atlassian and Microsoft certified to work with all range of products

Truly High Performance

Our employes improve on their knowledge trough company encouraged education and certification

Always available professionals

We provide a user experience where the customer can always contact our employees and will recive a response ASAP

Layered solutions

We provide multi layered solutions that integrate multiple vendors or your custom solutions togheter into a whole system

Cloud Solutions

The cloud is only someone elses computer, if we can access it, we can provide you with a cloud based solution that fits your needs

Mobile solutions

In today's world, we have to stay mobile, so our team is prepared to develop and deploy mobile solutions that suits your needs

Clients Our employees have worked with or for some of these companies

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We will answer you in the shortest possible time. Let us know what we can do for you, please be as descriptive as posible so that we can provide the best information we can.

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